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Who am I?

Born in Manchester, I was always fascinated with other cultures and languages. At seventeen I left the UK for 4 months to be an au pair in a French family in Annecy and it was the start of my desire to live and work abroad. I left home to study Languages and Literature in Cambridge and as a part of the course got the opportunity to study for a year in Montpellier. What a wonderful, sunny year that was! Whilst in Cambridge, I started to teach English as Foreign language to  groups of Italian teens and decided that I loved the job!   After finishing my degree and after a brief spell working in London I moved to Belgium to teach small children, teens and adults. This 4 year time in a country, language school was the best apprenticeship I could have received and allowed me to explore writing teaching manuals too. I moved to Luxembourg and worked  free lance and then a Pedagogical Director for a prestigious International school for over 10 years. Now, with more than 20 years of teaching experience under my belt, I have created SPEAK. I love what I do, allowing people to overcome their fears and give them the possibility to communicate together. Giving presents to people every day of my language or culture is just wonderful and not one day resembles another.

Books I have written for English as a Second Language

I have, over the years, written books to use during my language course so the clients get something really tailor made for their needs from Negotiating in English, Small Talk, Meetings, Presentations and English for HR etc ...


Preparing for that interview
I've helped people successfully write their CV's and prepare for their interview in English without apprehension and also helped recruiters test their candidates levels as an interviewer too!


Exam Preparation

I've prepared students wanting to get into UK universities or have an internationally recognized examination for their CV.


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