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Nathalie Bausch | COO Deutsche Bank Luxembourg

"Valentina has been teaching for the Deutsche Bank Group in Luxembourg for more than 10 years and we have been continuously happy with her work.  

The feedback we get from the participants has been that her courses are well structured and  they enjoy working with her due to her dynamic and friendly personality.  

She is simply the best  English Teacher I've ever had the pleasure to work with throughout my career and will certainly continue to do so"


Birgit Ammelburger | Individual student and telephone training 

"Valentina is the best and most professional English teacher I have ever had.

She is reliable and humorous using up to date subjects  in her tuition not boring, grammatical exercises! Students Learn by talking.


She specializes in adapting perfectly to her clients needs in a  sensitive, open-minded and  flexible way, involving everyone .

Tuition with Valentina means always having fun and making real progress!"

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